Hi guys! Last week I visited one of my favourite cities with my boyfriend again.. the glorious city of Amsterdam! I adore this place and love exploring the new sites and seeking out what Amsterdam has to offer. We arrived late Thursday evening, the buzz of leaving work and going to grab a quick meal and cocktail before catching a flight was great. The flight to Amsterdam was so short too!


  • Top: Shirt from Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Scarf: Paul Smith (not mine), Coat: Topman, Boots: Zara (in the sale.. I adore their Chelsea boots), Bag: Michael Kors (TK Maxx, you can get designer items for bargain prices!)
  • Accommodation

As you know I’m all about bargains, we booked our accommodation via AirB&B and we absolutely loved the room and saved so much money booking accommodation this way. The accommodation was located in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam, which is where we discovered Juice Brothers and tried our first ever acai bowl (see photo below). Safe to say, I am hooked on acai bowls!!! If you are ever in Amsterdam make sure you check out Juice Brothers, you will NOT be disappointed 🙂 De Pijp is a lovely area to stay as well as its away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam Central and there are lovely bars/restaurants/cafes and shops nearby. Also, its a 15-20 minute walk to Amsterdam Central but you forget how long the walk is because of the beautiful views and scenery you see during your walk.


  • Flights

Another way to save money was booking our flights via easyjet. We got return flights for £60 each, such a bargain.

  • Getting around Amsterdam

A tip I’d give you for getting around Amsterdam is buying a ticket for the tram. The price is €2.80 for an hour, €5.80 for 24 hours and €7.80 for 48 hours (I think!). I’m not 100% on the most expensive ticket price as we did not purchase one of those. All the trams lead to Central Station RAI so I’d recommend you getting the train and/or tram to your hotel/accommodation, rather than a taxi, mainly to save on pennies. Another way you can get around is by hiring bikes. There are a lot of shops that let you hire bikes. Our Air B&B host also had a neighbour that rented them out!

  • Eating out in Amsterdam – cheap/affordable eats

I think one of the things that people lose out on abroad is good food because they are afraid yummy food places will be really expensive. Well I am here to let you know Amsterdam has some great food to offer, that won’t break the bank. Plus, we also like quality and quantity for what we pay so we did the mileage to find good places to eat (trust me!)

Here are a list of places that helped us eat well but budget our money throughout our trip to Amsterdam:


  • Juice Brothers – €5 for a porridge pot made with oats, milk, loads of toppings and you can change these to suit your taste buds, €8-9 for an acai bowl (both will guarantee to fill you up for the rest of the day), €3-5 euro for a drink which is full of goodies/antioxidants/superfoods to keep you full and refreshed throughout the day. Plus, if you tweet/instagram/snapchat a photo of the food you’ve purchased at Juice Brothers and show a member of staff, you can get a free shot from the fridge section, FREEBIE! Click the link to find out where the stores are in Amsterdam >> Juice Brothers !


  • Market Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam, Netherlands – There is a market located in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam and here you can get waffles, chicken, fries, toasties, drinks, fruit, seafood, there is a long list of food available here for a cheap/affordable price! So if you fancy a quick bite, this is one of the places to go!


  • Amsterdam Central – a lot of restaurants in Amsterdam Central are going to be there for tourists so don’t be frightened by the expensive prices you see on the window menus! Amsterdam Central seems to be obsessed with fries so expect to see a fries shop on every corner. The same goes for pizza with pizza being about €3.50 a slice and €7 for a WHOLE PIZZA! There is also a Wagamamas in Amsterdam Central which is very decently priced and kept us full all day long (click on the link to find a Wagamamas in Dam). If you want to grab a quick drink or snack there is a Marks and Spencers in the centre where the retail shops are based, here you can get cheap drinks, food, snacks, meals and alcohol for cheaper prices than say what you’d pay at a café/restaurant. Great for on the go food!


  • Burger heaven! – I’ve not been a big fan of burgers for years but with all the burger restaurants in Amsterdam, I was craving one… ooo and sweet potato fries! We found a burger restaurant called The Butcher(click the link to check out their website) and we were NOT disappointed! The average burger is €8-11 and the fries are €2 and the sweet potato fries are €4 – wow this meal was just what we needed, especially after a night of partying in Amsterdam!
  • Dranks We all need to let our hair down from time to time, some of us do that in bars! One of the bars we have gone back to time and time again when we have visited Amsterdam is The Old Sailor (located near the Red Light District). The pub is lovely, the drinks are cheap and its somewhere you can go and watch the football, or sit outside and relax by the canal or party until the early hours. Its my favourite pub in Amsterdam. Another lovely bar is Caffe Hoppe which is a very simple bar but sells good drinks for your money. Another great place to visit is Susies Saloon, as you can sit outside and enjoy a drink and between the hours of 3-5 there is a happy hour, BARGAIN CENTRAL!

I hope this post helps you budget for Amsterdam if you do visit the beautiful city, I’d definitely recommend that you do! If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I can help you out as much as possible with any budgeting queries you may have 🙂



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