I’ve been umming and arring about whether to start a blog or not but then I just thought why the hell not, so here is my first blog post!

This blog will be mainly centred around bargains/offers/anything that can save you wonga/pennies/schrapnal, whatever you call it! I’ve always been a girl with an eye for a bargain and I thought that there are so many blogs out there, where you click on a bloggers/social media influencers photo, think wow I love that shirt or jeans or shoes.. click on the link to see how much the items costs to see if you can buy it.. price: $1000, hmmm maybe not.

I feel there are a lot of blogs out there, which advertise gorgeous clothing, yet unfortunately they are usually very expensive when you search for the item online. However, what I intend to do, is find those popular, fashionable items for a bargain price, that look just as beautiful.

I often get asked ooo what powder have you used or what mascara have you used or where is your dress from and I always seem to shock people with where I’ve bought the items from. I am the type of girl who favours quality but I feel you can get amazing products for bargain prices, its just a matter of trial and error, until you find what suits you best. By trialing out different brands, especially makeup brands, I have found you can get higher quality products from places that you would least expect. Another example of a bargain I purchased was my 21st birthday For Love and Lemons dress, that was the best bargain I’ve bought in a long time! (ALL HAIL DEPOP!)

So if you want some tips on bargain products/clothes that will mean extra pennies in your pocket, keep an eye on my blog for more posts.

I’ll also post about my trips, food, recipes, anything that inspires me really, so if you want a blog that’s random (like me) and gives you a variety of subjects to read about then please keep checking my blog out for new posts.

If you have any queries, just send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!



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